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Best Physics Books For Jee by Namo Kaul Sir

Namo Kaul Sir is one of the most famous educator of Unacademy. He has an experience of 10 years. He was also awarded as Best Teaching & Pedagogy at National Teaching Conclave in 2018. So in this post we are going to talk about best JEE books recommended by Namo Kaul Sir.

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HC Verma

This book is written by Harish Chandra Verma (Retired professor of IIT Kanpur) which is the most famous book of Physics. This book is not very famous for its theory, it is famous for it questions. It has limited number of questions but every question levels up your preparation. But you should solve this book after completing and reading the theory.


DC Pandey is another well renowned author of Physics book but his books come in 5 parts which has a large variety of questions with theory. But it is in 5 parts published by arihant is a little expensive as compared to DC Pandey.


This book is mainly recommended for its theory because the theory is really very in deep. This book was originally written by Resnick, Halliday and Walker and now it is adopted by Indian authors. This book is highly recommended for the students those who are starting there preparation from Class 9 And 10. It will make there preparation very strong.


This is the most useful book after completing chapter you will get to solve Previous year paper which will boost your preparation and give you confidence that yes you are able to solve questions which are asked previous year. If you solve PYQ Just after completing the Chapter then will make the chapter solid with confidence.


This book is for the students those who have completed all the questions in books, with theory and PYQs. According to Namo Sir this book is made for God Level Students if you are God Level then only Buy this book.

Unacademy’s Video Book

Jee Video Book

You can also study from the unacademy’s video book which is the best for preparation because an old teacher said that a

An Image is equal to a 1000 words.

And in the modern times a video is equal to a 1000 pictures so you can use Unacademy’s Jee live daily video book which will help you to get the link of all lectures and notes in correct order at one place.

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This Data is taken form Unacademy’s Official YouTube Channel.

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