Best books by defence academy

Best Books For NDA By Defence Officers Academy

Defence officers academy is a Dehradun based coaching for competitive exams in which NDA is also a part, so this a book list or book recommendation from Defence Officers Academy. This list is created from a youtube video from official youtube channel of Defence Officers Academy.

So here is the Best Books For NDA list by Suraj Sir who is the Academic head of Defence Officers Academy.



Suraj sir first talks about maths, which is totally based on Class 11 and 12 he says first you should complete your basic Ncert Maths book which will help you to understand fundamental points.

RD Sharma

After completing Ncert you should start with RD Sharma for high level questions especially the examples are very good for NDA. If you complete all the examples then it will help you a lot.

Previous Year Paper

After all this you should solve last 10 years question of arihant which will help to find chapterwise questions after solving previous year paper. After this you are ready for NDA maths nothing more is required.


Wren And Martin

You can solve any reference book for english like i am providing Wren & Martin as a example.

Previous Year Paper

But solving Previous year Paper will make you more confident in English. For more you should read some novels which will help you to solve Comprehension easily because solving comprehension is very important. In every paper 4 to 5 comprehension questions come and in every question we have 4 to 5 sub questions which hold a large of marks.


Many student asks to Sanjay sir that how to complete vocabulary part. According to him vocabulary is something which comes from practice. He also says that people should make a separate copy for words and try to understand the history of words that will help you to learn the word easily after that make 2 or 3 sentence with that word and you it in day to day life which will store the word in sub conscious mind. In exam after seeing the word and options it will automatically click.



Normally for geography you should read Ncert class 11 & 12 which is very well written and help you to learn geography easily. Ncert is enough for Nda prepration.


You should also follow a atlas and try to relate geography with current affair which will defiantly help you. Like something is happening in the world then you should try to learn about that areas geography conditions.


Ncert History

In history mainly people ask from Modern history which justify that you should focus more on modern history. For that you can do Ncert.


You can also prefer tamilian ncert book which contains modern history very well written especially the Gandhian era.


Indian Polity

For polity you can prefer Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth which is very good for polity but you need to read it 3 to 4 times.



For Economics you can simply go for Ncert Economics.


NCERT Physics

For physics you should defiantly study Ncert Physics class XI which is very important.


For biology and chemistry you should study science book of class X which is more than enough they ask only from X science book.

Thats all Best Books For NDA from Suraj Sir.


This video’s official channel And here it is the video credit link. Best Books For NDA.

Thanks for Reading.

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